Gnotulade: a bicycle tour in the moonlit night

In the night between Saturday 10th and Sunday, 11st of June, we will experience a night-time ride from Tarvisio to Carnia. For the strongest cyclist the night ride will keep on to Udine.

Our idea is to spend a funny night cycling downhill in group, admiring the unusual views of the Fella’s river valley and of the surrounding mountains illuminated by the evocative light of the full moon. This bike ride will not be a race: we’ll cycle all together stopping sometimes to tell you some stories about the places we’re crossing and waiting for the slower bikers of the group.

To participate at this event you must register by 1 p.m. of Friday (just send the following information to the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: Name, Surname, Place and date of birth). The registration costs 10 euros, which includes the guide and the insurance.

The departure will take place at 10 p.m. from Piazza Unità in Tarvisio (our meeting point will be in front of the church). Please note that to take part at the event you have to equip your bicycle with an efficient and reliable lighting system. The bike will have to be able to deal with some short stretches of dirt too.

We suggest to reach Tarvisio by train departing from Udine at 17:22 or 19:01. There is a chance to eat something together in the capital of Val Canale).

For non-speaking Friuliano language, "gnotul" means bat. We have dedicated the event to these interesting and useful mammals who have always been mistakenly feared, bribed and often victims of false myths.