An example of the new sigs painted in the municipality of Buja

Since a few months, the municipalities of Osoppo and Buja have improved the signage of the Alpe Adria Cycle Route painting white arrows and signs on the asphalt. This system is already used in Austria, South Tyrol and even on some bicycle routes in the Veneto region. This new signs, integrated by vertical signage, allows cyclists to follow the route easily, especially in the most tricky traits.

The Friuli VG region in recent years had always disapproved of the use of this type of signs, referring to hazy interpretations of the Italian Road Code (Codice della Strada). Recently, regional engineers have changed their minds, authorizing the use of this type of signs for cycling routes and soon the municipal administrations of Osoppo and Buja have implemented the new system. This solved immediately the problem of many cyclists getting lost. Most of them miss the route leaving Osoppo village, entering in a dangerous regional road (SR463), or get lost in the maze of lanes that characterize the typical Friulian village of Avilla, in the municipality of Buja.

I would like to congratulate with these two municipalities and their Mayors, that are always concerned with the promotion and development of our Ciclovia Alpe Adria Radweg. I remember that some years ago, with their own money, they put a lot of cheap but very functional temporary signs, still visible, to help cyclists orientate along the way. This paper signs are still visible but soon they will be replaced with the definitive steel signposts.

We hope that this example will be quickly followed by the other municipalities crossed by the prestigious Alpe Adria bicycle path!


  • An example of the new sigs painted in the municipality of Buja