A few days ago I was driving to Villach. Just a few meters before the border with Austria I met a couple of cyclists riding between the snow with their bikes full loaded. I stop them to find out more about their winter journey.

Kindly the two cyclist stop a bit with me: they are Lynn and Robert, a young couple from Holland. They tell me that are cycling across the Alps to reach Greece. It was a bit cold and was snowing too: I don't want to waste too much time at this heroic bike travellers. So I quickly gave them some tips about the Italian stage of their trip and I wished "good luck" to them. 

This morning I received an email from the two guys: they are in Umag (Croatia) and they thank me for the information I gave them! But above all they tell me about their website (http://rolynaround.com) so I could discover that in their plans there is a very long trip: from Holland to Indonesia, crossing China and India too!

If you want to keep in touch with Lynn and Robert follow them on http://rolynaround.com.

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